Voiceover Artist

Voiceover Artist

  •   Hertfordshire, UK
  •   Show host | Presentator

Carla Terry

Voiceover Artist

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10 years experience | Rate Negotiable

  •   Hertfordshire, UK
  •   Show host | Presentator

  • Contact Person : Carla Terry
  • Website : www.voicebycarla.co.uk

Live event? Voiceover? Announcer, narrator or MC? Your project can run into enough complications as it is. Here’s how your voice professional doesn’t need to be one of them.

Even the simplest project isn’t that simple.

I've been the voice of over 1000 live or recorded sports, corporate and charity projects - and the one thing they have in common is that the organiser or producer can have a heck of a job getting everything - and everybody - working just right on the day.

My job as your voice professional is to ensure there’s at least one moving part that you can absolutely rely on to deliver - without fuss or drama.

It goes without saying you need me to be really, really good at my job. I expect no less of myself: I have a fully kitted home recording studio ready for whatever I throw at it… and I continue to invest time and effort into ongoing professional training so I’m always at the top of my game.

But it’s more than just that. Because there’s a world of difference between the voice professional who turns up expecting to be directed, guided and then managed…

…and one who is proactive and self-driven to deliver a complete and faultless service.

I’m that second type!

So rather than just await instructions, I ask questions, offer ideas of my own - and get crystal clear on what your project needs. I take direction, follow guidelines… and on the day I deliver the outcomes you promised your own client.

Whatever you’ve got planned I will probably have completed work just like it. So you get my ideas, my experience - and the reassurance that I can get things moving straight away.

I’ve presented live to multiple thousands of people; I’ve recorded complex, technical pieces; I’ve kept the show on the road when things around me weren’t going to plan, I’ve offered solutions to tricky recording problems, I’ve handled the tightest deadlines and the most demanding requirements.

So whether your project is leisure or commercial, live or recorded, informal or formal I can assure you of this: I am fantastically service-oriented and getting it 1000% right for you is hugely important to me.

And - to blow my own trumpet a bit: my busy, often stressed clients do appreciate how easy I am to work with.

Which is exactly why 90% of my work is with people who hired me before and have chosen to hire me again.

Whatever challenges you have to contend with, your voice professional doesn’t have to be one of them. Make it easy on yourself, drop me a Direct Message here on LinkedIn and let's arrange a no obligations chat.

Thank you!



Work Experiences

The British Heart Foundation

June 2022 - June 2022


Main stage announcer for the London to Brighton bike ride 2022.

The Royal British Legion

November 2022 - December 2022


Live presenter/announcer for a series of charity running events.


May 2022 - May 2022

Voice of God

Voice of God for doTERRA corporate conference, Budapest for a live audience of 16,000.


One to one Vocal coaching

Richcraft Vocal Coaching
February 2023 - March 2023

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