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Technology to find the right event freelancers with more ease.


After more than ten years in the event and conference business, we have experienced the need and value for ourselves and other companies to effectively find freelance event professionals on an international scale.

Freelancers play an important role in the realization of events, conferences and other activities within the event industry and creative industries. They represent a huge group of talented professionals. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has had a major impact on this group, but fortunately we can see that the demand for these professionals is picking up again.  

This platform focuses exclusively on this large international group of professional freelancers. It makes the connection between clients and freelancers, and makes the market more transparent and accessible for both parties. 

This platform with its matchmaking algorithm can effectively help you find the right freelance event professionals for your work in the event or creative industry, locally as well as on an international scale. 

This platform was developed together with our partner QuickSpace inflatable domes and with the platform for Home Battery information called Thuisbatterij



Get automatically informed about new work

For freelance event professionals, this platform automatically informs you at first about new (freelance) work in the event and creative industry.

Through our large network and effective (online) marketing, this platform has a large reach among multinationals, SMEs and individuals who are active in in the event industry and creative industry. This helps you as a freelancer to find new work opportunities at extremely low cost.