About eventwork.com


Technology to find the right event suppliers with more ease.


After more than ten years in the event and conference business, we have experienced the need and value for ourselves and other companies to effectively find the right (freelance) event professionals, partners and suppliers in the industry. The international event world has some big players, but there is also a large group of smaller companies, freelancers and other event talent that cannot keep up with large marketing budgets of those. EventWork changes all that.  

This platform with its advanced matchmaking algorithm can effectively help you find the right professionals and suppliers to organize your event.  The platform also brings more transparency in the market and helps to discover talent and innovations that can add extra value to your event. 

This platform was developed together with our partner QuickSpace inflatable domes



More transparency and effective lead generation

For event professionals, this platform helps to receive more and better (verified) sales leads. Through our large network and effective (online) marketing, this platform has a large reach among multinationals, SMEs and individuals who are active in organizing events. This helps you as a company to receive high quality leads and increase sales at extremely low cost.