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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions These Terms and Conditions describe the terms and conditions on which you can use our website EventWork.com, either as a guest or as a registered user. Use of our site includes accessing, browsing or registering to use our site.


Article 1: Definitions

The following definitions are used in these general terms and conditions, both in singular and in plural.


Client: the natural or legal person who offers or gives an assignment to perform work for a service provider.


Service provider: the natural or legal person who, through the website, makes himself available to carry out work on behalf of a client or registers or offers for one or more assignments of a client.


Assignment: an advertisement on the website in which a client asks to have certain work done.


User: clients, service providers and other persons who use the website.


Service: the services offered by EventWork.com through the website or otherwise, including offering a platform where clients and service providers come into contact with each other.


EventWork.com: EventWork.com, located at Lonnekerweg 298, 7532 RD in Enschede the Netherlands, registered in the trade register under number 81332483.


Website: The internet site of EventWork.com can be reached via the domain name www.eventwork.com.


Article 2 Applicability of these conditions


These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements and to all acts and legal acts between EventWork.com and the user, even if those acts or legal acts should not lead to, or are not related to, an agreement.



EventWork.com is at all times entitled to unilaterally amend or supplement these general terms and conditions.



The user’s general terms and conditions are expressly rejected.



If a provision from these general terms and conditions conflicts with a provision from a concluded agreement, the provisions of the agreement will apply.



If and insofar as any provision of these general terms and conditions is declared null or void, the other terms and conditions will remain in full force. EventWork.com will then adopt a new provision to replace the invalid or nullified provision, whereby the intent of the invalid or nullified provision will be observed as much as possible.


Article 3 Liability


Although EventWork.com makes every effort to provide the services properly, it cannot exclude that damage may be caused by or to the services provided. Unless the damage has arisen as a result of intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of EventWork.com, EventWork.com is not liable for any damage by whatever name.



EventWork.com is never liable for any damage of the user in connection with or resulting from communications or advice given in the context of free advice.



EventWork.com cannot be held liable for announcements or advice from third parties regarding services of EventWork.com, nor for the content, such as jobs and projects that are placed on the website and the content of profiles of the users.



EventWork.com is never liable for any indirect damage of user or third parties, including consequential damage, lost turnover and profit, loss of data and intangible damage, related to or arising from the agreement or the use of the services.



Without prejudice to what is stipulated elsewhere in the agreement, the liability of EventWork.com towards the user, for whatever reason, is limited to an amount of maximum € 100 (in words: one hundred euros) per event, whereby a related series of events as one event applies.


Article 4 Rates


Service providers and users can use the services of EventWork.com for free or agains an annual fee for a premium account. For provided sales leads EventWork.com may charge a certain price. This price is based on the value of the sales lead. The user of the website always can decide himself to accept or decline the sales lead. 


Article 5 Accounts



To become a user of EventWork.com and to access certain services of EventWork.com you may need an account. The user agrees to complete truthful, accurate and complete information on all forms on the website. In addition, the user will regularly update this information to ensure that it remains accurate.



As a user, you agree that the content you post meets our guidelines. The content may not include the following:
– Advertising messages
– Offensive texts
– Misleading texts
– Falsehoods and inaccuracies




You will not take any action that will violate EventWork.com’s feedback or reference system. Detecting fraud leads to immediate suspension of your account.



Please be aware that we may suspend, delete or deprive you from EventWork.com, including the services arising from EventWork.com, if we find that the activities you engage in EventWork.com violate our terms and conditions.



If your account is deleted because it has been established that you have violated the terms and conditions, you will be liable for all rates, taking into account the extent to which the terms and conditions are violated, for checking the damage of the violation (taking into account the labor costs of personnel and legal support) and claiming the costs of the damage. You and EventWork.com agree that the damage incurred by EventWork.com as a result of user actions can be substantial, but difficult to express in terms of size and / or a monetary amount. If you, as a user, are part of this type of activity, EventWork.com may charge you a fine up to€ 1000 (in words: Thousand Euro) per violation of the general terms and conditions. In addition, EventWork.com can take legal action to recover damages that exceed this amount. You agree that € 1000 (in words: Thousand Euro) is a reasonable amount as an estimate of the possible damage to be incurred as a result of the relationships that EventWork.com is dealing with and the possible consequences this may have and the risks that entails this.


Article 6 Force majeure


In the event of force majeure on the part of EventWork.com, we are not obliged to fulfill the obligations under the agreement.



Force majeure means any circumstance independent of EventWork.com will and beyond the control of EventWork.com, which permanently or temporarily prevents the fulfillment of the agreement.



Force majeure is understood to mean in any case: a non-attributable shortcoming of engaged third parties or suppliers, work strike, business occupation, government measures, power failures, more than usual traffic delays and illness of an epidemiological nature of its employees, technical faults, whether or not as as a result of viruses or attacks, as a result of which the website does not function or does not function properly, as well as any situation over which EventWork.com cannot actually exercise (decisive) control.



As soon as a force majeure situation occurs as referred to in this article 6.3, EventWork.com will notify the user thereof. If the force majeure situation lasts longer than 30 days, or as soon as it is clear that the force majeure situation will last longer than 30 days, the parties are entitled to dissolve the agreement, without being liable to pay damages.

Article 7 Other provisions


The user is not permitted to transfer the agreement between EventWork.com and the user, in whole or in part, or any resulting right or obligation to a third party, without prior written permission from EventWork.com.



If any provision of the terms and conditions is found to be void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the remaining restrictions of the terms and conditions will remain in full force.



EventWork.com may change its terms and conditions from time to time, without any notification to its users, unless required by law. The changes in the general terms and conditions are effective when we publish them on the website.



All content on the website and composition of content from the website, such as text, images, logos, icons, audio clips, digital downloads and software are the property of EventWork.com and are protected by copyright.



In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the answers to the frequently asked questions published on the website also apply as conditions for the use of EventWork.com and its services.



Dutch law applies to the agreement between EventWork.com and the user.