Event Planner and Producer
  • 8 Years Experience
  • 60 € / hr Rate Negotiable
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With over 8 years of dedicated experience in event planning, specializing in logistics and operations, I am confident in my ability to take on any event!

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills as an exceptional event planner and coordinator, with a keen focus on the behind-the-scenes operations that ensure the success of every event. My expertise lies in meticulous planning, efficient communication, and seamless execution, making me a valuable asset in any event management team.

I have had the privilege of managing two local venues and overseeing the production of hundreds of successful events. As the former Event Operations Manager at the Omaha Zoo, I managed a diverse range of events, handling everything from sales to execution. With a record of producing up to nine events in a single day across multiple venues, I thrive in fast-paced environments and excel in maintaining attention to detail. My experience working with high-profile clients and donors has equipped me with the skills necessary to deliver exceptional service and exceed expectations.


Notably, I worked on Veecon, a high-profile conference featuring celebrity speakers, entertainment, and engaging activations. In this role, I was responsible for staffing, coordinating various agencies, and ensuring the satisfaction of guests throughout the event. Additionally, I successfully negotiated with vendors, managed budgets, and oversaw contract administration, ensuring the smooth functioning of all event components.

I am well-versed in collaborating with various event vendors, including F&B, A/V, and staffing, and have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results within budget constraints. From conceptualization to on-site execution, I am equipped to handle all aspects of event planning with professionalism and efficiency.

I will bring my expertise and passion for event management to your event. 

Contact Person :
Madeline Renner-Navarrette

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